Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Step back in time and PARTY!

Lez get our groove on!

A throwback to the decade of peace and love, disco dancing, crazy clothing and groovy music.
With girls, girls, girls to boot!

Lez Go Retro!

Scool Bar
614 Julio Nakpil Street, Malate, Manila
17 November 2012 (Saturday)

Advance Reservations: P200.00
Regular Price: P250.00

For more information:
Mobile: 0917.555.1426 || 0917.707.9662
BBM: 2699FD56 || 27D03DD3
Facebook: Lez World

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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Matthew Says

Must I always concede to the world?

Ask, often you do not receive ---
like the time she caught you peering from half-lidded eyes:
half-wanting, half-shy to start something of meaning
or the time she held out her hand to you hesitant to claim what was given
and so you lost the opportunity, drowned yourself in wine and whispers of reproach and longing, bouncing against a wall of ambivalence, her not caring. Anymore.

Seek, what have you found?
A felt-tip pen buried in a book to mark a page
filled with words that sparked a dozen exchanges over time and space;
a feeling, intense, demanding to be felt yet nameless;
that incident in the bathroom fading into memory,
fading into Must Forget.

Knock, who opens the door?
Choosing to keep it closed, deferring to Archimedes and buoyed by blood
displaced by the organ, which has lodged itself between lock and key,
every twist and turn
vomiting words instead of what you drank for dinner.

Again, must I always concede to the world?
Perhaps there are battles that mustn't be fought
nor beliefs that must be taken with a grain of salt, i.e., the silly belief in the stars
and what they tell us about the past and distance,
radiating from the dark expanse of night ---
how conceding, sometimes, is just the thing you need to get you going.

Friday, October 12, 2012


Panalangin ang bawat minutong
pumapatak mula sa mga sandaling
kinulayan at hinulma ng mga
mapagmahal na palad.

Kinukumutan ng titig
sa pagnanais na hilumin
ang anumang bahaging
kinukulang sa halaga.

Ganito ang pag-ibig:
Babaybayin ng pandama
ang bawat pangyayari,
lalanghapin ang bawat pagtatangka.

Ipaglalaban upang
maging katotohanan
ang bawat maaari.
Ganito tayo: mandirigma.

Lalabanan ang panahon
at pagkakataon
sa matinding paghahangad
na mahalin din tayo ng tadhana.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Begins when everything ends: Love
vestiges of lust, evolving with a hint
of truth; written in many, many forms
of blood, from blood as ink, ink of blood
drip, drip, dripping from a heart
worn, aching --- ready to relinquish
its claim upon your sleeve.

There are many measures of love.
A heart contrite, for one. And two, a hand
reaching out into the eye of the storm
that exists for us both: similar and not the same,
differing in minute details: the intensity perhaps,
what it picks up along the way, debris, the chip off
a shoulder, baggage lugged  from one continent to another.

has been written about elsewhere before
rewritten and rewritten but can never
claim to be rewritten no more,
perhaps by myself, wary and yet dauntless ---
as a way maybe of moderating desires or
questioning them:

Do I love you, for example; or
Do I love me with you that's why I do love you?
You and not you when you are with me?
Or what you do to me?
Now that I've shrugged off the fear
of what could be and may and will happen,
I will let love be[gin].